5 Valentine's gift ideas for coffee lovers in 2022

by Anne · Update FEB 14 2021

If your Valentine loves caffeine as much as they love you, a coffee-centric gift is definitely on Cupid’s route this February.
Here are some unique gift ideas to get you started if you're feeling stuck.

Custom Valentine's Day coffee Mugs

Picture of Custom Photo Mug with Panoramic Wraparound Image
Custom Valentine's Day mugs are an adorable and thoughtful way to warm your loved one's heart this Valentine's Day.
CanvasPeople makes it easier than ever to give that special someone a personalized gift.

MaestriHouse Milk Frother

A frothy cup of Latte or Cappuccino can set the mood for the rest of the day.
However, if you're enjoying coffee together with your loved one, family, or friends, making milk froth can be a bit of a hassle. Especially if they want different temperatures and types of coffee.

Wouldn't it be a life-saver if a frother could offer control over heat and density of milk froth?

Well, no worries!
The Maestri House Detachable Milk Frother comes to the rescue! For the first time, this automatic frother provides customizations that will let you adjust the warmth and thickness of the milk foam. Maestri House detachable milk frother with a distinctive touch screen'll bring frothy joy to our cup every day.
15% OFF

AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Maker

AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Maker outdoors
IF purchased this to be able to make decent coffee on the go, and on the whole, I'd say it lives up to that.
It is a neat and well thought out design, a bit like those nesting dolls you can buy, everything slots inside each other so that you can carry the entire brew-kit in one hand-held container.

Onyx Ethiopia Negusse Nare Bombe

Ethiopian from Onyx, this one a natural from Bensa, well roasted as usual with a big body and some deep cherry sweetness.
Very floral as well, the aroma is striking even for people not used to specialty coffee.
This is a good morning coffee though I find it less interesting than some of the other coffees Onyx offers, even given their conservative roasting style, the acidity is very muted on this one. Needs a higher ratio to bring out the fruitiness.

The World Atlas of Coffee

This book leads you from the history of coffee from its African origins to today, and all around the world.
James is well known in the coffee scene as someone who is knowledgeable but also has a practical (and very British dry humor) .
The book will give you a great overview about history, methods and origins of coffee. I was impressed about the details especially in the different growing regions and how the coffee tastes.
And finally if you want to further the experience this book provides with more visuals I recommend you to check James Hoffman's YouTube channel.