Can you froth creamer?

Take your morning cuppa to the next level with these great frothed milk options

by Anne · Update APR 8 2021

The land of milk and honey
There are few pleasures better than enjoying a thick, luscious, creamy, and rich latte. A silky coffee treat topped with fluffy clouds of frothed milk.
But some coffee lovers may be wondering, “can I froth more than just the standard cow’s milk? How about frother? How about creamer?” These are valid questions, especially for those who may be lactose intolerant, vegan, or coffee lovers who just prefer a different mode of milk other than the bovine stuff! That is why today we will explore some different types of milk and find out if they can be frothed or not. By the end of this article, you will maybe have zeroed in on what kinds of milk can be frothed.
Not only that but be sure to achieve all of your frothing needs courtesy of the Maestri House Electric Milk Frother. No other automatic frother can achieve the same level of sublime and heavenly silky froth. So be sure to invest in a Maestri House Electric Milk Frother today. But as for milk and what types can be frothed or not, keep reading to discover more and maybe get a good grasp on what type of milk you would prefer in your coffee.

To froth or not to froth

Some of our “black coffee only” friends might be wondering what all the fuss about froth is about. Though black coffee is spectacular on its own, some coffee lovers, and certainly coffee masterpieces require or prefer a bit of frothed milk. This may apply to those who like a milder coffee flavor, or to those who would like to add a bit of extra nutrition to their daily java. There are tons of coffee beverages that need some milk to be made like properly like the cappuccino, caffe latte, Einspanner, doppio, flat white, and many more. These are spectacular reasons alone to enjoy frothed milk in your coffee. Now let us explore what types of milk can be frothed!

Can you froth creamer?

Certainly many are wondering if creamer can be frothed to prepare an exceptional cup of coffee (or not!). Well, we would like to inform you that you can froth creamer. You can froth half-and-half, too. Half-and-half is a thick, and robust option, while creamer can be comparatively silky, and smooth. This is a great option for those wanting to prepare great lattes, Einspanner, or other beverages that place a lot of emphasis on a thick, rich, and fluffy consistency.

Can you froth almond milk?

Almond milk is a really great choice for frothed milk. Some prefer almond milk because of the great vitamins and minerals that almond brings to the table. Others just like the taste of almond milk better. Some still like how almond milk has less fat than whole milk from cows. Vegans out there might opt for almond milk because it is a superb vegan option that doesn’t exploit any animals at all. You can froth almond milk for a special level of creaminess, flavor, and works great in macchiato or cappuccino!

Can you froth cold milk?

Though some might say you cannot froth cold milk, it is possible to do so. However, warm or steamed milk is both easier to froth and also results in a sweeter froth at the end. Cold milk may yield less sweet froth and though you can froth cold milk we suggest for best results to warm up your milk instead of leaving it chilly. The warm milk will not only be easier to froth as a whole but the consistency, flavor, and aroma will be nicer and more pleasant, too. Some beverages require warm or hot milk because that is simply how they are enjoyed. Cappuccino of course comes to mind, the same goes with a flat white. For those wondering about cold lattes or iced lattes, we would still suggest using warm milk and cooling it down in the fridge or with ice.

Can you froth oat milk?

Oat milk is another superb option for a plant-based milk alternative. This additional vegan option for coffee lovers is such a good way to substitute cow’s milk because the texture is so similar to cow’s milk. This thick, rich, creamy, and truly “milky” milk alternative is also froth-able. So, yes, you can froth oat milk. It tastes great in lattes of all sorts and in macchiatos.


For the TLDR crowd out here, we have written up a quick little frequently asked questions section here for those who just want a quick “yes/no” response catalog.
  • Q: Can you froth creamer?
  • A: Yes!
  • Q: Can you froth cold milk?
  • A: Yes* but warm is better than cold.
  • Q: Can you froth almond milk?
  • A: Yes!
  • Q: Can you froth oat milk?
  • A: Yes!
So, there you have it. All your froth-related questions about what types of milk can be frothed right here. Remember, if you are looking for the perfect way to froth milk, use the Maestri House Electric Milk Frother. This way, no matter what type of milk you like, you will be receiving only the frothiest!