The 5 Best Coffee Candy of 2022

by Horank· Update May 7 2022

Treat yourself to serenity in the form of a hard candy
Imagine your ideal cup of coffee. Perhaps it is an expertly pulled shot of espresso. One you can sit and sip for a long time in a wide piazza in Milan or Rome. Or maybe your ideal mode of coffee is a delectable and innervating cold brew at home. No matter why the style of coffee fits your palette best, we can all agree that coffee is a superb way to wake up in the morning.

However, prepare to be thoroughly ensorcelled, because we are in possession of a thoroughly ensorcelling surprise! Prepare to explore the wonderful world of java-flavored candies! Now, we aren’t just looking at any coffee-flavored candies, but rather the top 5 best coffee-flavored treats of 2022.

We strongly encourage you to get out there to try and experience as many of these coffee-flavored treasures as you can. But for now, here is our list of the best of the best. Keep reading to discover the 5 best coffee candies of 2022!

But why coffee candy?

Coffee is a wonderful and delightful beverage to enjoy. Myriad styles, modes, flavors, and methods of preparation meld together to create a truly stunning tapestry of aromas, flavors, characters, hints, and notes. There is cappuccino, caffe latte, Caffe doppio, there is Dutch Brew, Cold Brew, and Americano-both hot or iced. This is even just way to prepare coffee and does not even touch on bean origin characteristics, roast, or grind types.

As one can surmise, the options and variations of coffee differ considerably. However, there is a catch to coffee. There may be situations or times when a cup of coffee is just not attainable. But luckily there is the amazing modern invention known as "coffee candy"!

Coffee candy is, simply put, coffee-flavored candy. Most coffee candies come in the form of hard candies, but there is lots of nuance to this excellent genre of the candy world. Coffee flavored treats such as these are great because they satisfy the sweet tooth and also hit the caffeine sweet spot, too. Most of these candies provide similar if not the same levels of caffeine as some cups of coffee and make for superb snacks no matter the time of day.

These coffee-flavored delights come in all shapes and sizes and just like the widely diverse world of java, there is a perfect candy out there for everyone. Keep reading to discover the best coffee candies of 2022! You may just discover your new favorite caffeinated treat. So get ready to find the best coffee candies of 2022.

Koppers- Coffee beans for every kind of coffee lover

Do you want some more variety in life? Have you heard of the superb coffee candy line known as Koppers? Think M&M’s but for coffee fanatics. There is a whole colorful line to choose from and no coffee lover gets left out in the cold with Kopper’s excellent selection of flavor options.

Each of these treats is coated in chocolate or coffee to give them a crunchy and luscious character. There is the Chocolate covered Espresso Coffee beans that have a silky coating of Irish Creme. The green Koppers are lovely to look at but also provide a caffeinated treat in the form of chocolate-coated mocha beans. For those hoping for a nightcap-style candy, the Kopper Espresso beans coated in Amaretto make for a perfect dessert.

Chocoholics will adore this whole selection but certainly, Kopper’s Cocoa Dusted Espresso Beans will become your supreme delight. Why not try the whole collection? There is a coffee bean for everyone.

Coffee Prims

Smooth Toffee Caramel perfectly harmonized with classic coffee flavors. If you enjoy your coffee flavors sweet, caramelly, but also delectably classical, then Coffee Prims is the treat for you. Coffee Prims makes for a stupendous candy to enjoy when you need a sweet treat or a coffee moment.

When you are looking for a caramel macchiato or another sweet and sugary cup of coffee but have no way of enjoying one, then let these amazing coffee-flavored snacks be a more than ready substitute. This candy is excellent because you can carry a few of these sleek treats in your pocket and snack on them when you need a caffeine fix!


For coffee lovers that have a sweet tooth that also needs to be sated, then Kopiko is another superb coffee-flavored treat that must be enjoyed. A true champion of the 2022 coffee candy scene Kopiko is a scrumptious delight of cappuccino flavor that is certain to become your favorite guilty pleasure.

This option is great for cappuccino or latte lovers who may be away from the cafe or unable to imbibe these excellent coffee beverages. but have no fear, Kopikio shall assuage all fears of that!

Adams &Brooks Sugar- Free Coffee Candy

For those who want to limit their sugar intake but also want to partake in some excellent coffee tastiness, then we have a perfect pick for you; Adams & Brooks Sugar-Free Coffee Candy. This excellent assortment of sugar-free goodness includes Espresso, Caffe Latte, and a superb take on an original cup of coffee.

This way you can enjoy your coffee without adding in any extra sugar, as the name surely testifies, this treat is sugar-free. Forget about any naysayers who say sugar-free candy lacks in flavor, the Adams & Brooks Sugar-Free Coffee Candies are a testament to great flavor for sure. Great if you are watching your waistline! Why not seek out this illustrious sugar-free candy today?

Coffee candies to sample in 2022

While this is the list of our personal top 5 coffee candy treats it is not exhaustive! We strongly recommend you give one or even all five of these stunning goodies a sampling or two. Who knows you may find your new go-to coffee substitute and in so doing solve many a dilemma in regards to what goodies to enjoy and when. Not only that but we hope you keep your eyes peeled for new coffee-flavored and sugar-free confectionery delights to sample and try.
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A new delectable surprise may become readily available on the market tomorrow and we hope you give it a try if it does! These coffee-flavored snacks are here to brighten your day. So happy hunting and happy brewing too!
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