How to make hot chocolate with milk frother?

by Anne · Update Dec 24 2021

Are you wondering if a milk frother in your kichen can make hot chocolate.
The answer is a resounding yes! Do you want to make a cup of hot chocolate for your family?
Using a milk frother is a great way to make some delicious thick hot chocolate.
It is thick, creamy, and delightful.
And if you try making once, you will want to make hot chocolate with milk frother again and again.

How to use a frother for hot chocolate in six easy steps

Combining cocoa powder and chocolate chips, this recipe is a delicious way to enjoy chocolate.
The cup of drink is extra creamy, frothy and delicious because of the cocoa powder and chocolate chips that melt into the mixture and then topped with vanilla extract.
This homemade hot chocolate is the perfect way to unwind after a long, hard day.
  1. Take Maestri House Detachable Milk Frother for example ( any electric milk frother will do)
  2. Pour 300ml milk into the milk frother, I prefer whole milk or 2% milk, but you can choose any milk that you choose. Make sure to follow the minimum and maximum markings on the frother. If you add more milk than required, it will overflow and your kitchen counter is going to be a mess.
  3. And then add chocolate chips, cocoa powder
  4. Put the cover on and setting 160°F, low forth speed (this milk frother can simultaneously adjust the temperature of milk and control the thickness of milk froth, you can set it as you preferences )
  5. Pour it in your cup, add a splash of vanilla extract.
  6. Finally, topped with your favorite garnishes: marshmallows, whipped cream, chopped chocolate, crushed candy canes or more.
All you need to do is make sure that you use fine chocolate powder, and do not use big chunks of chocolate since this can damage the whisk inside the frother.

Why does foam machine can make hot chocolate?

Simply put, milk frother is a device for frothing milk or creating milk froth, used primarily for frothing milk such as latte, macchiato, hot cocoa, cappuccino, and so on.
   Frothing milk involves incorporating air into the milk until it becomes light and frothy. 
Most electric milk frothers have a whisk on the bottom of the milk jug. When you turn on the milk frother, the whisk spins at a very high speed, infusing air into the milk until it becomes light and frothy. 
So when you add chocolate powder directly into your milk frother, you get wonderfully thick and frothy hot chocolate. 
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